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I'm adopted and Asimov's laws say I'm a robot.

Hi. I'm Emily. I'm an introverted robot, and I really like cats. In my pass time I read Time Magazine and listen to a lot of music. My hobbies include: calculating complex social issues and figuring out which bitch is going to punch first, cats, opera, reading, writing, and sometimes drawing situations around me and making light of them. I'm generally laid back, so feel free to peruse and follow at your own will.
Nov 8 '12

Mmm studying is great.

We have a “Shit We Should Know” list in debate,

and I get to learn a lot of really REALLY exciting things.

For instance, because I don’t really focus much on the EU but ran into a topic on their debt crisis, we placed it on the list.

I ended up with the resolution of:

"Will Greece be booted from the EU or jump ship?"

Oh god I hated that resolution…

And “Religion is the opiate of society” I had to argue that society can think single mindedly as well as have small amounts of control, I hate religious and metaphorical topics so so very much.

I mean, if anything, it’s more of the vagueness of religion and trying to pinpoint a single religion to base the argument around at times. what’s even worse is when someone chooses christianity and I have to ask them to be as clear about what christian idea they are using. Then that whole argument is just a load of bullshit and re-defining.

So, new rules:

If it had “Zombie”, “Abortion”, or “Religion” in it- strike the fucker.

And in the case all the resolutions involve “Zombie”, “Abortion”, and “Religion” in them- You’re fucked.

Oh, how I love debate.

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